Xtreme Shock 12pk


Xtreme Shock 12pk

  • Xtreme Energy
  • Explosive Strength & Power
  • Enhances Thermogenic Fat Burn
  • Buffers Lactic Acid
  • Razor Sharp Focus
  • Delays Fatigue
  • Keeps Muscles Hydrated
  • 200mg Caffeine
  • Zero Sugar
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Xtreme Shock® is for everyone, from the hardcore athlete to the weekend warrior, who is looking for that extra performance edge. Low Carb, Zero Sugar, No Aspartame and Absolutely NO CRASH! Experience what the top trainers across America are talki

Everyone is talking about Xtreme Shock®, the most explosive Energy Performance Drink that amps your body with radical energy from head to toe!

That’s right, you really start to feel this Energy Performance Drink work in 15 minutes! Xtreme Shock®’s proprietary formula promotes instant energy and strength gains plus buffers lactic acid build up, allowing you to pack on new muscle, faster and easier than ever before. Just one bottle of Xtreme Shock® will keep you hooked for life!!!

ng about!Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that can delay muscle fatigue and increase endurance and strength. In the body, beta-alanine increases the level of L-carnosine in the muscles. Carnosine helps muscles soak up excess hydrogen ions released during intense exercise, which make muscles more acidic and contribute to muscular fatigue and decreased strength. Taking a beta-alanine muscle buffering formula before workouts can help you work out harder with less fatigue so you grow stronger, faster.